NYC Mayor-Elect Wants Crypto Taught to City Students

The Mayor-elect of New York City, Eric Adams, announced that he wants to make the Big Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) a crypto-friendly city, and that he wants to be paid in cryptocurrency – bold statements for the newly-elected politician. However, his latest crypto vision is to have blockchain taught to city school students. During a CNN interview on Sunday, Adams outlined his plans. “Cryptocurrency is a new way of paying for goods and services throughout the entire globe. We must…open our schools to teach the technology and teach the new way of thinking when it comes to paying for goods and services,” said Adams. He said it’s not something that his administration plans to rush into immediately, but it will instead take its time to develop a thoughtful curriculum that’s relevant, useful, and beneficial to students. “This [NYC] is the center for innovation, self-driving cars, drone development, cybersecurity, and life sciences. When I talk about blockchain and Bitcoin, young people on the street stopped me and asked me, ‘What is that? What is that about?’ We need to get back to innovation,” said Adams. “This is what the human spirit is about, not being afraid to look at every area of innovation to move our country and city forward.”
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