Next-Gen Stablecoin META 1 CEX Listings Go Live

META1, a multi-asset-backed, self appreciating stablecoin, is scheduled for listing on multiple CEXs (centralized exchanges) in the coming weeks. According to the platform’s developers, META 1 Coin will begin trading on international exchanges over the next 60 days. The exact exchanges the token is to be listed on, and the days each exchange will list the coin is still a tightly held company secret, but developers have stated the campaign began on October 1, 2021.

The META 1 Coin listing is be accompanied by the opening of withdrawal gateways for users. As part of this strategy, the developers have also started the integration of enterprise-grade security protocols. Notably, META 1 partnered with the blockchain security firm, Torus, to provide passwordless log-in solutions to the network.

The project also joined forces with VoiceIt to integrate 2FA Biometric authentication. This mechanism works in tandem with the platforms DEX and wallet to protect crypto holdings. Uniquely, the feature could help META 1 enforce its proprietary “humans-only” policy. This protocol bans investment firms, corporations, and governments from owning META 1 Coins. The goal of the system is to prevent centralization, whale dumps, and network corruption.

A LaunchPad The development team behind META 1 Coin, spoke on the important milestones the network is prepared to achieve.META 1 Coin’s Founder, Robert P. Dunlap stated

“We are excited to bring META 1 to the world and provide a launching pad for a world of freedom and abundance.” META 1 Coin – A Multi-Layered Defy Ecosystem The META 1 Coin operates as the base layer of a multifaceted Defi ecosystem that includes a high-performance DEX (decentralized exchange), savings accounts, Def staking features, and a crypto VISA debit card. This combination of advanced features empowers investors through wealth generation. It also creates a streamlined way for crypto investors to spend their holdings.

Dunlap explained the motivation behind the project in a recent interview. He described the platform as a way for regular users to drive abundance, growth equity, and promote the freedom of humanity. As part of his strategy, he envisioned a complete DeFi ecosystem built using a next-gen stable coin.

Unlike previous gold-backed tokens, META 1 derives value from a basket of gold-related assets. The token also integrates a smart contract that limits sales to token value or higher. This strategy provides more stability to the META1 Coin’s value by eliminating the threat of pump-and-dump schemes.

METANOMICS is about fighting corruption and sharing the wealth with all users. The DeFi attributes of the network, such as the high-yield savings accounts, eliminate the need for third parties, like central bankers. By eliminating these costly gatekeepers from the equation, users secure higher rewards. For example, META 1 Coin savings account users earn 10% APY versus your local bank’s 0.25% rate.

At the core of the METANOMMICs universe is a purpose-built fourth-gen blockchain. The META blockchain sets the foundation for the network’s other top features. It’s more transparent, scalable, and secure than its predecessors.

Developers can build on the network’s open-source code and peer-to-peer architecture to create robust and immersive Dapps. It also provides the DEX with transaction throughput on par with the NASDAQ exchange. The META DEX provides users with a secure and streamlined way to trade top cryptocurrencies.

This noncustodial DEX enables users to trade tokens from the safety of their wallets. This system eliminates network outage concerns, update delays, and other issues currently plaguing CEX users. It also provides vital liquidity to the METANOMICs universe.

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