McDonald’s China Celebrates 31st Anniversary With an NFT

  • McDonald’s China launches its first NFT.
  • The NFT commemorates the brand’s 31st anniversary in mainland China.
  • Known as ‘Big Mac Rubik’s Cube’, the NFT is designed after the brand’s new HQ building.

In an interesting turn of events, China’s McDonald’s releases its first-ever NFT despite China’s rocky relationship with the crypto industry. Crypto activities are still not exactly in play in the nation, yet McDonald’s introduces its first Non-Fungible Token (NFT).

The NFT is known as the ‘Big Mac Rubik’s Cube’. This launch is in commemoration of McDonald’s 31st anniversary. Specifically, it marks the 31st year of the brand’s presence in the market of mainland China.

In addition, the NFT launch also highlights the official opening of McDonald’s new headquarters on Shanghai’s west bank. McDonald’s China CEO – Zhang Jiayin, says that the brand is “young and trendy”. It is one that pays attention to cutting-edge technology as well as fashion trends.

Jiayin expresses his approval of McDonald’s being the first domestic restaurant to launch an NFT. He also commends the new headquarters building as well, saying it is a brand-new development for the franchise in China. As he draws light to both milestones, he adds,


“At this special moment, we use the form of NFT to share McDonald’s innovation, digitalization and trend art with employees and consumers.” 

Speaking of, the ‘Big Mac Rubik’s Cube’ is a 3D token. In fact, it is inspired by the infrastructure and design of the new headquarters building with a sprinkle of the ‘Spirit of McDonald’s’. This means the cube comes with a yellow, red, and orange color scheme.

Furthermore, McDonald’s China stated that it will distribute 188 of these Cube tokens to its consumers and employees. Truly a fascinating notion from the brand. However, this isn’t the first F&B restaurant to launch its very own NFT.

Just a few weeks ago, Burger King announced its NFT promotion deal. The brand partnered with Sweet to release a gamified promotion with the presence of NFTs. The promotion is called ‘Burger King Keep is Real Meal’. Similarly, Taco Bell also made its NFT debut recently. To specify, it released taco-themed images and GIFs on Rarible.

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