Bitcoin Now Flows Seamlessly Between ZEBEDEE and Bitstamp

  • Bitstamp and ZEBEDEE are now seamlessly connected.
  • Bitstamp users can now top-up Bitcoin from Bitstamp to the ZBD wallet.
  • Millions of Bitstamp customers can instantly use the Lightning Network for crypto gaming.

ZEBEDEE is excited to announce it has launched its first-ever exchange portal, Bitstamp. The ZBD wallet is now integrated with Bitstamp. This means users can top up when it is time for their favourite Bitcoin game

How ZBD Wallet and Bitstamp Works With Bitcoin

When users log in with Bitstamp, input their Bitstamp credentials, the system logs them in. Afterward, a new option pops up from their ZBD wallet to “Top-up from Bitstamp”. Finally, choose how much Bitcoin you want to transfer to your ZBD wallet. The peck of it all is that everything runs on the Lightning Network. Therefore, your transfers happen so fast.

To highlight, if a user’s account uses the same email address for both ZEBEDEE and Bitstamp, the system automatically merges both accounts. Not to worry if you have different email addresses for both. Easily, log in with Bitstamp, set your Gamertag and then, transfer all your sats to it from your old account for free.

Bitstamp is offering its customers a chance to earn 1 bitcoin through ZEBEDEE games. The freebie doesn’t stop at that, Bitsatmp is also going to host a series of weekly events to enable users to earn free bitcoin by simply gaming.

Likewise, Bitstamp is giving every new user that signs up through ZEBEDEE $5 in Bitcoin as a head-start bonus to welcome the ZEBEDEE community to their exchange. Furthermore, pointing out the reason for the ZEBEDEE account with Bitstamp, the ZEBEDEE says the integration is a cool new feature for Bitcoin gamers.

As of today, millions of Bitstamp customers around the world have instant access to our cutting-edge Lightning wallet! They can now transfer Bitcoin instantly to anyone on the Lightning Network both on mobile and desktop with our app and browser extensions.

In the fullness of time, ZEBEDEE promises it will launch its integration in stages. The next big move would be for users to withdraw through winnings from games to Bitstamp. Presently, the integration is only available in the U.S. The team is currently working towards launching in more countries.

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